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Apply for Medical Marijuana Dispensary in your State

Canna Proposals makes the medical marijuana dispensary application process easier, faster and more affordable.

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Learn to Cultivate "World Class" Medical Marijuana

Our " Master Growers" teach you the most Advanced Cultivation Techniques using the finest Medical Marijuana strains with the highest yields

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Open a Commerical Kitchen for Marijuana Infused Products

Our Team will instruct your staff open & produce Concentrates, Tinctures and infused Medical Marijuana Products

Slide background has dedicated itself to making the medical marijuana dispensary application process easier, faster and more affordable- and we need your help.

Custom Business Plans

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Canna Proposals, LLC

Our team has over 30 years of cumulative Cannabis business and operations experience, and has worked successfully in all aspects of the industry- from acquiring coveted operational licenses from State and Local agencies, to operating small-scale and commercial cultivation centers, infused products and extraction (MIP) centers, to the successful opening and operation of medical and retail dispensaries in highly regulated, extremely competitive markets across America. … [Read more]

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

The process of applying for a dispensary license can be complex, daunting and expensive. Canna Proposals provides an advisory service that guides you through this process and reduces the risk and cost of producing an application, while increasing your chances of being awarded a license.

Open A Dispensary

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Learning the keys to not only successfully landing a dispensary license, but also being able to operate a successful dispensary. Let our team assist you in winning your organization a dispensary license.

Cultivation Services


Our Medical Marijuana Consulting Services are designed to aid in your success, and by working with us you are working with industry experts. Whether your trying to setup a small garden or developing a large grow site, we have you covered.


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