California medical marijuana industry likely to be more tightly regulated

Legislation has recently been introduced in California that would bring significant regulation to the State’s multi billion dollar medical marijuana industry for the first time.   The law that first authorized the use of pot for medical purposes in 1996 did not give government agencies much of a role in regulating the drug.  The industry has been more or less unfettered on a state level since then.  The bill introduced by state Sen. Lou Correa  would provide significant state oversight of the industry for the first time, and is likely to get serious consideration in Sacramento.
The proposed legislation, SB1262 was drafted by the California Police Chiefs Association and the League of California Cities, two groups that had previously been opposed to efforts to legitimize  growers and dispensaries but now are accepting regulation – apparently in a bow to reality.
According to Associated Press story, medical marijuana advocates had wanted less restrictive legislation that would regulate and taxing medical marijuana like alcohol and place fewer restrictions on doctors.   The director of the Drug Policy Alliance – Lynne Lyman – however said ““We are very encouraged by law enforcement coming to the table with their proposals and we think we can all work together and come up with some model legislation in the state”.  Both sides are said to talking,  according to the AP report.

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