District of Colombia

The District of Columbia’s official government site providing the rules and regulations in the state can be found at: http://doh.dc.gov



Ballot Initiative 59 was passed by a wide margin of voters in 1998 (69%) but was blocked by city lawmakers citing a Congressional ban. The ban was lifted in 2010, followed by the passage of legislation authorizing the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries. The creation of a patient registry and dispensary guidelines are still in the works.

  • Illnesses: HIV/AIDS; glaucoma; multiple sclerosis and other muscle spasticity disorders; cancer; any other condition that is “chronic or long-lasting; debilitating; serious medical condition treatable with marijuana”
  • Possession: 2 ounces of usable medical marijuana
  • Cultivation: Not allowed under current law
  • Dispensaries: Washington, D.C. plans to create as many as eight dispensaries, each limited to growing 95 plants on site at a time
  • Caregivers: Must be registered with the District of Columbia and may only help patients obtain medical marijuana (no cultivation)
  • Statute: D.C. Code Ann. 7-1671.01 – 7-1671.13

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