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Today, March 4, 2014 is the beginning of the Florida 60-day legislative session; it is also the only day of the year that is also a command – “March Forth!”


This is the year for substantive cannabis reform in Florida. Our Representatives and Senators have three sets of cannabis bills before them; and on November 4, 2014, the people will vote to codify medical cannabis in the state constitution!


HB 843/SB 1030 – These bills were introduced by the Republican leadership. They would redefine medical marijuana as cannabis plants containing low THC and high CBD’s. It would establish between one and four facilities around the state that would study, cultivate, process, and distribute cannabis to patients who hold a registry card from the Department of Health.


HB 859/SB 962 – Also known as ‘the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act’, this bill lays out the framework for a comprehensive medical access program. It identifies qualifying diseases, sets up dispensaries, and allows patients to grow a small number of plants for their own use.


HB 1039/SB 1562 – Recreational cannabis by Representative Bracy and Senator Bullard would legalize possession of cannabis up to 2.5 ounces for adults over the age of 21. This bill treats cannabis similar to alcohol; creates an excise tax of $50.00/ounce and splits licensing fees between the state and local municipality. The bills establish a maximum number of licenses per municipality based on the population.


Florida CAN is in Tallahassee meeting with lawmakers to help them understand the importance of each of these bills.  Send an e-mail to your lawmaker asking them to support real cannabis reform right now!


We can’t let lawmakers redefine medical marijuana as cannabis containing less than 0.5% THC; but, establishing four state funded research centers to study and distribute low THC, high CBD cannabis at no-cost or low-cost is a good thing. It improves the lives of patients, saves taxpayers money by getting people on the right medicine and allows our Universities to study some strains of cannabis. We need your help to assure we can make this bill better!


Passing the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act opens the door for more patients to take advantage of cannabis therapies without fear. Establishing dispensaries gets patients out of the illegal marketplace, increasing public safety in addition to saving money and helping more patients find a new normal with the right medicine.


Tell lawmakers to take on this complex issue and march forth towards comprehensive reforms.


Regulating cannabis, taxing it, controlling it and bringing the underground market into the sunshine, only one bill, HB 1039/SB 1562 treats adults like adults and makes sense out of the mess our predecessors made of cannabis policies.

Florida CAN is in Tallahassee for the next thirty days, but we have to raise $5,000 before March 8, 2014 in order to extend our lease on the facility through the end of session. Things are changing daily here in Tallahassee. The legislature is going to pass a cannabis bill in the next sixty days. We’ve createdwww.FLDecides.org to allow you to follow us as we work the legislature. We need your best donation today in order to assure we can influence the bills that are sent to the Governor’s desk.


We have the opportunity over the next sixty days to create a state-funded research and distribution system for needy patients; establish a patient registry, authorize cultivation, manufacture and sale of cannabis to qualifying patients; and regulate, control and tax adult cannabis use – then codify it by passing Amendment 2 on November 4!


It takes everyone pushing hard – here are some things you can do….  First open our e-mails! Then, follow us on Twitter at @FLCANdoit, watch for Facebook poststake action when we ask andencourage your friends to do the same.


Lawmakers are going to be engaged in cannabis reform for years unless you help them understand they have everything we need in their hands right now. They heard one million Floridians who signed the petition loud and clear. The People United campaign is not sharing their list with us, so it is up to you to share our message with your friends and family. People want to know what’s happening and supporters of Florida CAN have a front row seat!

Thanks for your continued support,

David Jones

PS. Your donation makes a difference. Please contribute online here using our secure system or your paypal account. You can send a check or money order to FLCAN PO Box 360653 Melbourne, FL 32936. Your donation to Florida CAN is always confidential unless you specify we can use your name.






About Us

The United For Care Campaign is run by People United for Medical Marijuana (PUFMM) – an organization formed by Kim Russell, whose grandmother – ill with glaucoma – would not break the law, despite the medical benefits that marijuana could offer her condition.

Today, the organization is chaired by John Morgan, one of the state’s most influential attorneys and activists for the rights of individuals, and managed by Ben Pollara, a veteran in Florida political affairs and advocacy.  Kim is still very involved leading the effort.

Recent polling shows that over 70% of Floridians support the legalization of Medical Marijuana in our state.  Currently, the organization is soliciting petition signers so that medical marijuana will get on the ballot in 2014 as a Constitutional Amendment.

To make a contribution to the campaign, please click here.




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