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We can assist you in creating a well thought plan to use as a roadmap for success.

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This guidebook will assist entrepreneurs through the complex dispensary licensing processes.

Introductory Guidebook

Canna proposals provides our customers with a detailed roadmap that covers the activities needed to receive a license in each state.  This roadmap comes in the form of a guidebook assists business owners through the complex marijuana licensing process.  It describes provides the specific steps needed prepare your business for participation in this industry to to apply for a legal operational license.  It will greatly reduce your risk and costs of participating in the application process- contents include:

  • Overview.   An assessment of the opportunities and challenges of the medical marijuana industry and  what to expect.  Gives enough information for you to decide whether to enter the business.   

  • Laying the groundwork.  How to get started, even if marijuana isn’t yet legal in your state, and how to proceed if it is.   How to assess the market and political environment in your area.   Researching your competition and assessing your own business needs.

  • Community Relations.  Covers the all important aspect of neighborhood and community relations.  How to encourage responsibility and to be seen as a “model citizen”.   How to secure a position in the industry.  

  • Government Relations    How to communicate your intentions to government officials and get them on your side.  Best practices information for communicating with local government, state agencies and law enforcement.  

  • Business Planning.  Extensive information on all aspects of business and operational planning- critical activities you can complete well before applying for a licence.

  • Financial Planning.  Detailed instructions on creating realistic financial plans and budgets .  Estimating startup costs.  Cash flow projections and breakeven analysis.

  • Organizational Development. Deciding on the best organizational structure for you.   Types of organizations – partnerships, corporations and LLCs.   How to form a collective or cooperative.   Management and governance of your organization.  Staffing and employee management.

  • Fundraising & Crowdfunding,   How to raise money for your dispensary or marijuana related business.  Self funding and bootstrapping, attracting angel investors,  launching a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Site Selection & Facilities Planning.   Where best to locate your marijuana business.  How to design the idea facility for your business and retrofitting existing facilities…

  • Application Process.  What to expect with the state application process, and how to get ready – even if an RFP hasn’t been issued yet.   How to stand out from the competition.

  • Dispensary Operations.  How to operate a successful and profitable operation.  Patient and customer development, care and education.  

  • Supplier Management.   Managing the cultivation /production process and relationships with vendors.  Ensuring a reliable and timely supply chain.

  • Safety and Security.  Ensuring product safety and quality.   Providing for the safety and security of your customers and facility.  

  • BONUS: Best Industry Practices.  An overview of the best practices from owners of successful medical and retail marijuana dispensaries, cultivation and MIP centers.  How to start and manage a successful dispensary.  Get the information they have learned the hard way.   







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