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Apply for Medical Marijuana Dispensary in your State

Canna Proposals makes the medical marijuana dispensary application process easier, faster and more affordable.

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Learn to Cultivate "World Class" Medical Marijuana

Our " Master Growers" teach you the most Advanced Cultivation Techniques using the finest Medical Marijuana strains with the highest yields

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Open a Commerical Kitchen for Marijuana Infused Products

Our Team will instruct your staff open & produce Concentrates, Tinctures and infused Medical Marijuana Products

Slide background has dedicated itself to making the medical marijuana dispensary application process easier, faster and more affordable- and we need your help.

Custom Business Plans

Top-tier dispensary, cultivation, and infused product center development, including new construction or existing structure implementations…

The goal with every design is to not only maximize capability and efficiency, but to also create a ‘model’ facility.





Our systems include quality assurance,
expansion  capability, operational and environmental conditions, security, work-flow planning and more…



Our team includes real estate and construction experts that possess the skills, as well as the direct experience to effectively acquire and/or construct multiple locations.



Our Clients gain easy access to all of the supplies, expertise, and instruction necessary to successfully operate, often at a greatly reduced cost…



Hydroponic & Agricultural Equipment

Post-Production Equipment and Services

Dispensary Equipment & Supplies (Including Ancillary Products)

Infused Product, Extraction, Lab Testing, and Commercial Kitchen Tooling

Ancillary Product Development & Distribution

Point of Sale, Compliance, and Inventory Control Systems

Security Equipment, Service, and Monitoring Systems




Additional Benefits

Another advantage we provide is the ability to further strengthen your State and/or Local Marijuana RFP response/application by being fully comprehensive, and prepared to execute all the way into and through ongoing operations.


Space and Equipment Needs Assessment

Reduced Hassle and Cost of Acquisition

Installation, Instruction & Consulting

Product Development, Branding and Marketing

Strengthened RFP / Application Response

Improved Operational Capability








Licensing & Business Development State Application / RFP Responses Business and Operational Planning Project Management Intellectual Property Property, Tooling and Equipment Selection and acquisition Design & development Construction management Reduced-cost access Installation Instruction & consulting Operational & Ongoing Assistance Startup & Ongoing Management Project Management Staffing Training Compliance Assistance Product Development Quality Control & Evaluation Vendor relationships Marketing, Branding, Research and Development Market Research Product / Ongoing Research Marketing Strategy Collateral Design Reduced-Cost Collateral Product Licensing and Endorsement Product Development Opportunity Evaluation


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