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Apply for Medical Marijuana Dispensary in your State

Canna Proposals makes the medical marijuana dispensary application process easier, faster and more affordable.

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Learn to Cultivate "World Class" Medical Marijuana

Our " Master Growers" teach you the most Advanced Cultivation Techniques using the finest Medical Marijuana strains with the highest yields

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Open a Commerical Kitchen for Marijuana Infused Products

Our Team will instruct your staff open & produce Concentrates, Tinctures and infused Medical Marijuana Products

Slide background has dedicated itself to making the medical marijuana dispensary application process easier, faster and more affordable- and we need your help.

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Recent Successes

Our team has successfully assisted and/or personally operated new and existing businesses within the Cannabis industry, procured State licenses & locally issued operating permits, and developed product & licensing relationships across the country.

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Colorado Directed retail operations for expanding business; increased single store sales by over 200% Developed & implemented operating protocols and procedures Directed company marketing Aligned product relationships, licensing opportunities and    in-store celebrity appearance Oversight of investment relationships                                  and business development  ●	Colorado (Operational/Logistics): o	Application and Buildout ▪	Guided successful venture of medicinal dispensary into recreational sales operations o	Operational and Logistics ▪	Expansion beyond retail, including acquisition of real property and equipment necessary to open and operate MIP, and Cultivation Facilities: ▪	Trained, Recruited and Oversaw Staffing ▪	Developed Web Presence and eCommerce/POS Solutions ▪	Marketing Analysis, SEO, Web Development ▪	Increased single store gross revenue by 200% in 6 months ▪	Secured IP Offerings, Product Licensing (including exclusive licenses) and in-store celebrity appearances o	Direct acquisition of real property and equipment for clientele (Dispensary, MIP, and Cultivation)

Nevada Five (5) operating licenses (3 cultivation, 2 MIP) Ranked in top three (3) applicants by score for   North Las Vegas by NV State (MIP / Cultivation) Two (2) of eighteen (18) Clark County approved / NV State dispensary license awards (currently in arbitration)
●	Connecticut: One (1) of six (6) dispensary licenses, operational consulting for one (1) of four (4) licensed cultivation facilities MIP laboratory standards, operations, product launch and post-production o	Dispensary Application and Buildout: ▪	Developed successful dispensary RFA to ensure competitive differentiation and demonstration of value despite the applicant’s non-pharmaceutical background o	Dispensary (Operational Consulting): ▪	First dispensary to develop and license HIPAA compliant patient platform allowing treatment plans to be comprehensive ▪	Increased total profit margin by 1.5x from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015, increased total patient count from 24% of total patients registered to 34% statewide ▪	Aggressive web development, SEO and promotional seminars o	Cultivation/MIP Facility (Operational Consulting): ▪	Quadrupled MIP sales in gross revenue by redeveloping product lines utilizing careful product development planning, novel MIP production without independent contracts, SWOT analysis of all product offerings, product sourcing and procedural optimization
●	Illinois: One (1) of sixty (60) dispensary licenses (awarded 1 license to highest ranking applicant per district)

ranked in top tier of final scores for i-502 policy development and implementation ; category 1








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